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Vance Harono

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Vance Harono.jpg


A League of Ages field agent, a captain. He is black, big and husky, with a square face. You might run across him anywhere in history. Normally, of course, he time-travels in League timeships.

Vance acts as a combination guide and guard for tourists, researchers and traders. He also heads rescue expeditions, alone or with a few partners. With equal zeal, he chases smugglers, pirates, temporal fugitives and Revisionists.


He has a good grasp of temporal theory and world history. His special areas of knowledge include European and Middle Eastern civilization in the 19th through 21st centuries, Prehistoric and Early Antiquity Africa, the Roman Empire, and parts of the interplanetary future. He speaks Proto-Hamitic, Greek, Latin, Arabic, French, English, and Intrinsic. He is good with a broad historical spectrum of weapons, and at disguise, acting, and sneaking. An excellent general-purpose agent.


Vance keeps meeting Wanda Li, a Timekeeper agent, probably because of some time-twist or fating, or so they suppose. Unfortunately, they do not work easily together. Vance tries to establish relative sequences for safety's sake, but Wanda refuses to cooperate. Vance hardly ever uses weapons or medical supplies that look out-of-period; Wanda uses the stuff all the time, oblivious to the risks of timelock. Vance tries hard to avoid looking out of place; Wanda does not mind appearing eccentric to the contemporaries.


Vance thinks Wanda takes too many risks and too few precautions. She's probably brought this fating on them through sheer carelessness. But he has to admit she's an effective agent and seldom pushes her luck beyond the breaking point though that doesn't stop him from teasing her about Timekeeper sloppiness.


Profession / Level: Criminologist /10


St: 91 Qu: 82 In: 83 Pr: 71 Em: 82 Co: 90


Ag: 95 SD: 93 Re: 90 Me: 87 Ap: 82 Hits: 69


Languages: Proto-Hamitic, Greek, Latin, Arabic, French,

English, Intrinsic


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