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Game Log 7 - Omega World

Page history last edited by Rich Fewell 2 years, 7 months ago





Chapter 1 - Flight from Arthurion to Elora


Tami Kovara gives Alethander a brain-flossing!

Sent a TBD message to ISI Section 6



Chapter 2 - Flight from Elora to Akaisha Outstation


Opened the box, scanned the contents

Bye to Tami, hello chocolate




Chapter 3 - Akaisha to Hyperion


Put the paper back

Tear the paper

No paper = empty box

Where to hide the paper?



Chapter 4 - "Well that's a fine How-de-do"


Suspicious greeting

Tough Questions

Bug Out

Our New Home


Chapter 5 - Interrogation


a single strand of hair

They find the page

Alarms!  Lock down


Chapter 6 - Page 1 + Page 2 = hole


The debriefing of the Idalamar device experiment



Chapter 7 - Find out where the beacon went


Mission Briefing


The "Noli Me Tangere"



Chapter 8 - Caph F8v - Omega World


Learning to fly

Considering a stop over in Hyperion

Popping in for a visit



Chapter 9 - Caph Castle, First Floor






Silver moths

Chrystall spiders

 A well chosen place to breach the wall


Chapter 10 - The Secret Lab


Creepy stuff

Old ruined equipment

The computer room and library

The Journal

The generator

The deeperlab with the Tachyon Beacon

The timeline.


"Three discovers who appear out of nothing and have the power to bestow ultimate power on whomever they wish."


Chapter 11 - Closing Thoughts


 Discussion on directions to proceed.



Chapter 12 - GM Notes.


It certainly took a while to get to Hyperion.  I honestly didn't think you'd open the box onboard.  I had many giddy fun moments watching you discuss options.  I AM GLAD EVERYONE IS HAVING FUN.  THAT IS OF COURSE THE BOTTOM LINE.   I hope to get some creative writing in in preparation for Aaron's Sunday Night's visit in 2 weeks.  Unfortunately it is a little hard to plan for since I don't know what direction you'll be going. 


Dia Khovaria - Control of the flow of information

Imperium - Control of power

League of Merchants - Control of money

ISI (real) - Control of innovation


Have fun figuring that out!



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Miss you guys

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