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Game Log 3 - "The Understanding"

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"The Understanding"




Return Flight

-Aleth Remembers Tami Kovara

-Aleth Nightmares


Arrive Hyperion

-Debriefing (Goyle Expects more)

-Private Meeting between Aleth & Simon

-Pay and experience points


Home Sweet Home





You enter the lobby and pass through the "Red Room", then on to the ISI offices. There are some new faces milling about and everyone is making their way to the briefing room.


(New Players describe themselves physically)


You slip through the ceiling high vertical louvered doors, just in time to catch everyone laughing at a joke you missed. You sit down and wait for Mr. Goyle to arrive and begin the briefing. You don't have to wait long.


Goyle: "Computer, set room to briefing level 5". The familiar louvers, lights, pad and scan sequences occur before the computer safeties are released and Goyle begins to speak.


"It appears that the League of Merchants is now in possesion of the box, with the second page of the journal in it. You'll remember, no doubt, from our last meeting that a device has been confiscated by the ISI that was built from the first page of a two page journal, written by Olin Idalamar. This device appears to be nothing other than quantum computer! I remind you that Idalamar died nearly 9000 years ago. How he conceived this device or for what purpose remains a mystery for now but one that I am determined to understand."


"Through channels we have come to learn that the League can not open the box. They have scanned it and those scans reveal a very clever device that will destroy the document if it is opened without the key. The scans reveal there is indeed a page, but that is all. They can not read the page without opening the box."


"We feel fairly certain that the League of Merchants is unaware of the first page and so should they see the second page, they will not have the context to understand what they are reading. They think it is some kind of treasure map, and I have not discouraged this. They also have noted the recent interest in Idalamar artifacts and are looking to understand his motivation better."


"We have worked out a plan with the League that will enable us to see the contents of the box. The plan is called "The Understanding" and it will be followed to the letter. Here is The Understanding as we have negotiated it."


"Each side will send a team of six to the Null-grav Forcehoops arena in Chrystall on Aurthion in the Augustus-Hayes province. House Augustus-Hayes has been sufficiently motivated to allow us to use their Forcehoops arena for this operation. In fact, your first order of business will be to visit the GalacTrade HQ and transfer 250 million elmonits as our deposit. Upon completion of the deal, you are to return and collect 200 million elmonits back."



"Each team will be divided as follows:

1 Quarterback - an agent who will perform all actions in cooperation with the opponents quarterback.

1 Referee - The designated decision maker for your team.

1 Counselor - A person of some technical expertise of value to the referee

3 Fire Support - Snipers with shield dissipators"


"First to enter will be the Referees and the Fire teams. ISI will take the northern half, and the League will set up in the southern half."


"No further actions will occur unless both referees concur. The referees will set up behind their video walls and will have remote control over their endzone camera. Each video feed will be broadcast and will be available for viewing on both sides. No Ghost Ops are permitted, and each side will post a "Ghost" sentry at the data entry node of the arena to ensure compliance."


"Each quarterback will enter the facility with 1 grav field modulator belt (with hand and foot extentions, used to play forcehoops), 1 multiscanner, and 1 gammaray emitting test bed to ensure the authenticity of the document. No weapons. No other equipment. They will enter the playing field from each team's locker room, ISI gets home, and League gets visitors."


"When both referee's concur, both quarterbacks will enter the arena from the floor hatches and will travel to the midpoint, 20 meters above the floor (midlevel). They bring the box and we bring the key. When the referees agree, you will both open the box, image the contents and verify authenticity with the gamma ray emitter."


"Any other inspections must be agreed upon by both sides. When the inspection is done, both quarternbacks will withdraw, leaving behind the box and the key and the contents. Our quarterback will then deploy a glass ball filled with carbide gel. Their side will deploy a glass ball filled with deuterium. Each ball is inert on its own, but when combined, burn at an astonishingly high temperature. Both balls will drift toward the center of the playing area, joining the box. Each side's sniper will then shoot their glass ball and the combining substances will reduce the items to ash in a matter of a minute. When confirmed, both teams will withdraw."


"Any Questions?"


(Field Questions)


"Allow me then to introduce Tara to explain how we have modified our gamma ray emitter."


Tara stands up and excitedly explains how the gamma ray emitter has been modified to be used as a weapon capable of burning a person at close range.


Goyle again stands up. "Thank you Tara. This is a 10 day trip. I am assigning you Simon Rogelio, my chief of security, as your "Counselor". Otherwise, I leave the details to you. The meeting is set for 12 days from now. The Achilles will again be available for you, but piloted by our new pilot, Dirk Randal. Introduce yourself and tell them why they can trust you."


Intro Dirk Randal - Pilot


"Dirk, we've had an incident on another mission, and the copilot/nav officer we had scheduled for you is no longer with us. Instead we have secured the talents of Neal Teneal. He has been fully checked out and comes highly recommended, but is not an officer of the ISI. If things go well, maybe he will be. Introduce yourself Neal."


Intro Neal Teneal - Electronic Warfare


"While on board the ship, Dirk's word is law. He is the captain of the ship. On shore, your "Referee" is in charge and will be accountable to me. Tara Chang will provide "Ghost" support but will be based here."


"Good luck and God's speed". Goyle leaves.


Characters Plan


Coffee House Talk


Trip to Aurthion

-10 Days

-Players talk


Pay Galactrade 250 million elmonits (200 million deposit)


Arrive Forcehoops Arena


Tactical Deployment as directed by "Referees"


Players ID Tami Kovara. She wants to talk to Aleth.


The Deal


Power Cut - The deal goes south


Chameleon Round


Shots fired


Aleth & Tami falling 20 meters


Combat resolution - ISI Victorious




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