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Game Log 1 - Arrival

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Game Log 1



(This narrative describes the essential experience of each character, although there were of course variations among each. This chapter will be in the first person. You can assume this was your experience.)


You awake to the low throb of engines, the warm feel of verileather against your back and seat, the gentle sway of a vehicle in motion. Your mind is still foggy from your nap and you're not quite ready to open your eyes yet. The air is crisp and cool and smells scrubbed clean, too clean really. The fresh air of Hyperion will be a welcomed relief from this scientifically sterile air.


An announcement sounds from the speaker on the chair in front of you. "3 minutes until we touchdown at Hyperion Spaceport. Please prepare for landing."


You open your eyes and as your vision clears you see the viewscreen in front of you has been faithfully tracing your descent from the orbital station for the last 20 minutes. You switch the view over to the nose camera and see a low lying metropolitan area in front of you. Lights blink indicating which pad your orbital shuttle is to set down on.


You look around and are surprised how full the flight is. Citizens from all walks of life surround you, all busy with their own activities. The gentleman next to you is checking his MERLOGH accounts, and he looks at you annoyed that you have awakened. The engines wind down and the gravitics take over as you transition from aerodynamic flight to vertical landing. There are no windows but you are able to switch between any external camera you want. The computer does another perfect job of placing your ship exactly on target as the robotic baggage handlers and attendees roll up to the craft.


"Well no sense putting it off" you think to yourself, "might as well get up and meet your new employer."


You disembark and head for a series of large lockers. You enter your passenger code and after a minute the door opens and you are allowed to take your bags. An automated luggage cart swings by and offers its services (with a mere swipe of your elmonit card of course.)


You approacg the immigration gate and offer your ident cart as you type in your passenger code. You notice some uniformed soldiers nearby with assault stunners.


"Welcome to Devon Province. How long will you be staying?" the young man behind the counter says. He swipes your ident disk, nods, types something on his security scanner and hands you back the disk. "Enjoy your stay. Stay out of trouble" he says with a grin.




As you approach the curb a shapely woman approaches, flanked by a large grumpy looking man. She is wearing a velaise bodysuit and looks very businesslike, if it were not for the contageous smile on her face. No such smile seems to have ever graced the face of "Goliath". Her multitoned brown hair bounces as she approaches.


"We have been expecting you! I trust your flight was uneventful." she says.


Now that she is close you can see that she is many years your senior. "Man, those anti-agenic drugs are little miracles." you think to yourself.


She continues, "My name is Lydia Halona. I am the administrator for our little operation and am also the host designate. Bjorn here will see to the loading of your bags."


Bjorn easily grabs the bags and places them in the back of a black, unmarked VT cargo van.


Lydia motions to a fancy gravitic flitter floating nearby. It sparkles in the morning sun, its mirrored black finish and windows faithfully reflecting the busy activity going on all around you.


"I'm sorry for this formality, but could you please produce for me your ident disk?" She collects it, scans it into her security scanner and scutinizes it very carefully. She returns it to you, nods to the driver and the door next to you unlatches and swings open. "We have a bit of a ride ahead of us so please get in and make yourself comfortable."


The inside of the flitter is dark due to the heavy tinting. As you step in, the vehicle dips and then adjusts to your weight. The cabin is spacious and you plop down on the truleather bench seat. Across from you are 2 men. Both are wearing black coveralls, belted at the waist and black boots. There is an insignia over their left breast pocket. It is embroidered with gold thread and it depicts a planet with a golden sword rising to the stars behind it. The one on the left is of asian ancestry and has long straight black hair tied in a pony tail. The one on the right is dark skinned and bald, with sharp chiseled facial features.


Both are holding assault stunners and have them trained on you. Bjorn comes in after you and Lydia heads to the front of the flitter. The drivers compartment can be seen through a heavy glass partition. Lydia motions to the driver and the flitter rises vertically 30' then rapidly begins accelerating. Your body is pressed into the seat and you hear the engines roar. At that point all the windows tint to opaque black and a bright internal light flickers on. One of the guys with the stunner says "Please keep your hands in plain view and still at all times.".


Lydia comes on the loud speaker and says "Sorry for the extra security, but it is for both our protection. Are you carrying a weapon of any kind? Do you think you have been followed?


Bjorn produces a multiscanner and aims it at you. "Toxins....negative. He appears 100% natural, no ick-ware. No bugs. Passive EM is clear. Power sources.... We're good!"


The stunner boys relax a little.


The speaker comes back on "Goyle saysthat you are pretty 'rad'. You've done well for yourself in the minor leagues. Well this is the 'big show' now. Welcome to ISI: Black Ops."


Bjorn puts down the scanner and actually cracks a smile. It doesn't suit him. "We call it the B.O. division because we get all the smelly dirty work." The blaster boys smile. You feel the tension lift.


Bjorn's smile fades. "Now we need to continue with our precautions until you are fully identified to our satisfaction. For that reason I ask you to put this hood on." Bjorn tosses over a thick black hood, with drawstrings around the neck. "It is uncomfortable as hell, but you must wear it for now." says Bjorn.


Your world goes dark.



The flitter flies for quite some time. It's true. The hood is hot and stuffy and smells of being used before. You can't see a thing. The drawstrings were tied tightly around your neck which alarmed you at first, but they didn't constrict your airway.


(Turk's character moves his head as though he were looking around.)


After 30 minutes the flitter lands suddenly and you are guided out to another vehicle, obviously not as plush because you are sitting on a metal bench.


(Turk knows they are riding in a dark green van with the words "Ristomi Research" on the side.)


As the vehicle begins to move you immediately recognize the harsh ride of a wheeled vehicle, and you can tell you are not on a paved road. The vehicle bounces and jostles you for about 10 minutes before you finally pick up some speed on a plasticrete roadway.


You sense deceleration, tight maneuvering and a downward slope and then the sounds change and become echo-y.


(Turk sees a heavily secured building with Ristomi Research on the side thru drivers window. He can see the van enter an underground garage. and the guards preparing to move him out.)


The vehicle shuts off and you are gently guided into a lift car which goes up a short distance. Then through a series of doors and passages until you are told to sit down on what feels like a padded table. Someone fiddles with your drawstring and you are unmasked. The light is bright and it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust.


You find yourself in an examination room. You are sitting in on an examination table. Stunner guards are alert but at ease at the entrances. Bjorn steps back, stowing your hood in his vest. Lydia is standing beside a dark skinned male with a broad nose, white afro and a white mustache. He has an air of professionalism about him. He's slightly taller than average and is wearing a white labcoat over a brown sweater and black slacks, completing the look with tru-leather shoes, shined to a gleam. Something heavy is in the labcoat pocket and an external remote sensing wand is draped over his neck.


Lydia smiles her contagious smile and steps forward. "I'd like you to meet Dr. Milo Payne. Dr. Payne has over 20 years of service as an ISI doctor and has seen everything from heavy radiation burns to hangnails. He will be your primary care physician, and is here to meet any of your medical needs for the duration of your time at ISI."


"We have a lot to do so do you mind if we get started?"


Dr. Payne steps forward and begins an examination while asking the following questions:


"How was your flight over?"

"Do you have any medical conditions that I should be aware of?"

"Have you ever had cosmetic or reconstructive surgery?"

"Do you have any cyberware?"

"What's your height? Weight?" (ask for movement rate. Strength)

"Have you ever had a serious illness?"

Have you ever knowingly hosted a symbiant being?

Any history of mental illness? Family history?

Any history of drug addiction or substance abuse?

Have you ever taken a psionic enhancement agent?

Any phobias?

Can you swim?


OK, now for the fun part. I need samples of all your bodily fluids.


He swabs your mouth for DNA, takes tons of blood samples, collects urine for a drug test. He also takes a sperm sample, and it involved a needle. Ouch!


"OK, now for some tests." he says.


He has you lie down on the examining table and a bar lowers over your chest.  "Let's just set it to 50% of your weight.  Can you lift it?"



Strength Test
Weight Bonus Rating
50%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus Light
60%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus - 20 Light
75%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus Medium
100%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus Hard
125%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus Very Hard
150%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus Xtrm Hard
175%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus Sheer Folley
200%  weight lifting skill + 3X strength bonus - 20 Sheer Folley




 Who lifted the most weight?  Turk's Marine pride wouldn't let him be whipped by a bunch of pansies.  He lifted the most weight by far.


"Very good.  And now on to the stress test."  You get on a treadmill and start walking.  You walk for 1 minute.


Pace = Walk (1X Movement Rate).   1 minute is 6 rounds.  What is your distance? 


Exhaustion = 40+(3X constitution stat bonus)



Movement and Exhaustion Test
Pace/ExP used Multiplier Maneuver Skill
Walk (1/60th /rnd) 1X -- 3X Agility Bonus or Endurance Skill
Jog  (1/30th /rnd) 1.5X -- 3X Agility Bonus or Endurance Skill
Run (1/12th /rnd) 2X -- 3X Agility Bonus or Endurance Skill
Sprint (2 ExP/rnd ) 3X Easy 3X Agility Bonus or Sprint Skill
Fast Sprint (6 ExP/rnd) 4X Light 3X Agility Bonus or Sprint Skill
Dash (50 ExP/rnd) 5X Medium 3X Agility Bonus or Sprint Skill




Who went farthest?

Who went fastest?


After the test Dr. Payne has you lie down on a scanner bed and he records your vitals.  While you lay on the table, the display comes to life and displays all your vital signs, brain waves and deep scan's your body for cyberware, diseases or pathogens, and previous injuries or scar tissue.  The nurse then prepares a hypo-spray and waits for the Dr. to be ready.


"Now that we have a base line, I want you to just relax.  We're going to do a little test of your immunity system now."  He presses the injector against your neck and a short painful "puff" occurs.  As he pulls the hypo away you can clearly read "Botulism" on the side of the vial.



Resistance Roll Test
Resistance roll + 3X constitution bonus Level 1 attack
Resistance roll + 3X constitution bonus Level 2 attack
Resistance roll + 3X constitution bonus Level 3 attack
Resistance roll + 3X constitution bonus Level 4 attack
Resistance roll + 3X constitution bonus Level 5 attack
Resistance roll + 3X constitution bonus Level 6 attack
Resistance roll + 3X constitution bonus Level 7 attack



When you finally fail your Resistance Roll, and the scan-bed confirms you have been infected with Botulism, he then administers the drug "Stirene" and you go through the rolls in reverse order from level 9 with a +100 bonus.)  Quickly you are "cured" of botulism.


Dr. Payne then asks the nurse to dispense some stim pills and he asks you to take them and rest.  Within 30 minutes you have recovered all your Exhaustion points.


Soon you are led to a room with (2) other people there.  He asks you to sit down and fill out the written psych test while he goes to tell Simon to prepare for the final security screening.  The test asks you all kinds of strange questions like:


Do you like to watch animals suffer?

Do you ever hear voices in your head?

Do you ever dream about hurting your friends?

Do you find it easy to lie?

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you?

Have you ever tried to hurt yourself?


As you are wrapping up the test, Lydia returns.  Bjorn stands up and the guards seem to stir.


"I trust he is healthy and ready for duty?" Lydia asks.


"As usual, Goyle picks the creme of the crop!  He seems very healthy and we should have all the test results back shortly" says Dr. Payne.


The guards open the door and file out into a well lit hallway.  One guard goes left and the other goes right.  Bjorn is behind you.  You sense a vibe among the guards.  They seem more on edge.


Lydia escorts you into the hall and across to a door with a sign on it "CONVERSATION ROOM".  As she opens the door you notice how thick the door is, and the interior of this room is much different.  The walls and ceiling are covered with a dark spongy foam.  The room's ambience feels small and deadened.  The light in the room is entirely indirect, from lights behind a valance encircling the room.  Despite the fact that there is ample light, it feels dark.  The temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than in the hallway.





(I still have to finish this)  -Rich




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