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Page history last edited by Rich Fewell 8 years, 3 months ago

Welcome to the Idalamar Prophecies:

A Spacemaster role playing game Wiki.

(Please don't delete me.  I know its been a while but I would like to maintain this space.)  -5/1/2012

(Still want to keep this!  No Deletey Pleasey - 2/3/2016)


A wiki is basically a collection of documents that we can all edit together in an "open source" kind of way. I encourage, in fact URGE you to add your own comments and make additions to and create new documents here. I'd love to see you upload your character sheets and add your own perspectives to the game logs.



If you have questions about our game, contact the game master at Richfuel@mac.com.



                Game Logs






















                Gaming Tools





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