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Extinctionists (Doomsayers)

Created by: Garry Stahl


    • Number of Members: Limited, no more than 100 active members with a

sympathy base of 100 to 1000 times that.


    • Nature of Members: Grim moralizers and fatalists.


    • Organization: Cell structure common to terrorist groups.


    • Game Role: To give the PCs a difficult to find and harder to root out

opponent that might have some politically powerful allies, in secret.


    • World Role: To convince the general population by means of coercion if

necessary that high tech living and space travel are futile and worthless.


    • Relative Influence: Large for their size. Everyone is aware of them

police organization seek them, political entities have to take their

existence into account.


    • Public or Secret?: Secret membership. Knowledge that you are a member

of the Extinctionists would land you in jail. Public actions. In order

to push their viewpoint Extinctionists sabotage power plants, food and

water supply structures and defiantly any attempt to contact other

worlds and other civilizations.


    • Publicly Stated Goal: Struggle is useless, we are all going to die, we

might as well get it over with without damaging the environment any more.


    • Real Goal (if different): Some really underhanded politicians are using

them as a stalking horse to gain power. The hard core Extinctionists

are not aware of this.


    • Relative Wealth: Poor, with limited access to resources. One ot two

relatively wealthy contributors, as well as a dependence on theft keep

them going.


    • Group advantages: Secrecy. No one knows who they are. Outside of

actual terrorist operations the Extinctionists can move freely to gather

intelligence and plan operations.


    • Special Abilities: Knowledge of explosives and public psychology is

common among members.


    • Group disadvantages: Lack of wealth. Member must scrounge to gather

resources by means legal or otherwise. Due to their convictions (why

plan for the future, invest etc.) legal means are limited and extra

legal means are risky. Each extra legal activity to gain wealth

increases the chance they will be busted.


    • Special Disadvantages: Hunted by every law enforcement organization on

the planet.


    • Who belongs: Followers of an obscure (and dead) philosopher of doom.


    • Who doesn't belong: Anyone sane.


    • Those who favor them: Persons that fear contact with the "outside" and

see the Extinctionists as part of the means of shutting down the "Star

Drive" programs that frighten them. This limited public support is not

in agreement with their entire philosophy.


    • Those opposed to them: Anyone sane. Expansionists and optimists.

Area of Operation: World of Aurthurian, Augustus-Hayes province.


    • Headquarters Location: None, due to the cell organization


    • Public Face: Shadowy, violent, crazy people.


    • Notable Members:
  • Hiram Brockovert Last era philosopher that started

the extinction movement.


  • Charvee Maston (secret) The charismatic, manipulative, and slightly mad

"head" of the Brockovert Extinction movement. Maston is unknown to the

public and likes it that way. He himself has never committed any

crime. Charvee is a anarchist and xenophobe at heart.


  • Cellica Randolpherst Rich heiress that was kidnaped and converted to

the movement. Current location unknown.


  • Upright Goodman (secret) Politician with a bankroll and an agenda.

Goodman is in favor of a more authoritarian regime, with him at the head

of course. He secretly funds the Extinctionists to raise public panic

to the point that his "reforms" sound good. Thus far he has had some

success. Public knowledge that he is funding them would ruin him.



    • History of the Organization: In the last era of Aurthurian during the

rise of Aurthurian's industrial era Hiram Brockovert suffered a vision

that said the struggle was doomed. The more the people tried to better

their condition. the worse the impact on the world, and the sooner the

end would come. It was better to live an abject life of hand to mouth

poverty and slow the pace of extiction.


He attracted a certain number of followers, mostly among those who's

trades were being replaced by machines. Together they fought vainly

against the evils of rising consumerism and industrialization. In

addition to his anti technology stance he adopted a strict moral code of

non marriage and communal living. This was opposed to the current moral

code of the day. Brockovets as they were called were condemed as

wrong-headed and immoral. Contemporaries saw him as a nut, and the tide

of history buried him and his followers.


Toward the end Brockovert faltered and wrote a thesis rejecting his

non-violent methods (that plainly did not work) and allowed that when

the moral cause is righteous enough, violent means are permitted.

Brockovert himself never practiced any violence, nor did his direct

followers. Their quaint iron age village became an obscure tourist

attraction until it was torn down to make way for a nutritional

fabrication plant two centuries later.


Throughout the next four centuries this philosophy reared its ugly

head any time a major change in technology threatened the lifestyle of

anyone dependent on the old technology. "Brockoverts" would rise and

oppose the change, some in the manner he first proposed, some violently

as he allowed later in life. None followed the entire regime his

philosophy demanded. All of them died out to the inevitable changes.

The latest incarnation of the Brockoverts are firm adherence to the

later thesis, in a fundamentalist sort of way. They do not allow for

violence, but embrace it as the only way their movement can succeed.


Few if any of Charvee Maston's converts have even read Brockovert. They

certainly have not followed his first advice of abandoning all

technology. they have concentrated, due to the influence of Maston, on

the extiction aspect of the writings. They believe the sooner the

better and the world can return to it's pristine state.


Should serious Extinctionists get their hands on bio-weapons of any

sort Aurthurian would be in a bad way. As it stands they have small

bombs, little support in public opinion, and the weight of most of the

government against them. If it was not for the subversion of Upright

Goodman the movement would likely have been tracked down and eliminated

by this point.

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