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In the Space Master universe, the Empire of Humanity encountered several alien races. After the coming of the night brood, contact with most of these races was lost. There are a few individuals still wandering the remnants of the Empire, however, and with coming of the Draconians and the Primates, aliens are not unheard of. Listed below are the aliens which are still occasionally found in the remains of the Empire.


Altha: Thought to be descendants of the Sianetic Harbingers, the Altha are known for their psychic prowess. With brown skin and black hair, these humanoids live in a male dominated society where women are considered equals while not pregnant. Males outnumber females two to one. The Altha communicate almost exclusively telepathically.

Aoemaran: One of the most different from humanity in appearance, the Aoemaran are one of the most similar in outlook. Symbiotic in nature, they bind with a host, imparting their disease and poison resistance in return for nutrients. They have adjusted so that they no longer dominate their host, and the relationship tends to be more than amicable than in the distant past.

Draconian: This race of reptilian humanoid is from the Prometheus galaxy. They came, arriving shortly after the primates, in the wake of night-brood devastation. They are beyond ruthless.

K’ta’viir: These seclusionistic humanoids are like the Altha in every respect except one: they are taller, averaging 180-200 cm. They are thought to be the descendants of the imperial race that once ruled the galaxy. Little is known about them, and they have fallen long and far from their former grandeur.

Primate: An anthropomorphic cross between an ape and a bear. From Prometheus, the Primates have a highly structured society where class is based entirely on race. They seem to live in relative harmony, however, and are more human-like than the other voyagers from Prometheus, the Draconians.

Snee: The most terrifying race yet encountered by humanity. The Snee are much like the cross between a lizard and an insect. They have dark, often black exoskeletons (AT 12) and wear utility harnesses which give off a moist mist periodically. They have six limbs, though the middle two are smaller and hardly ever used. They appear to be ruled by five queens and expand with ruthless intensity. It is hoped that the night-brood has choked off all contact that humanity will ever have with the Snee, but they’re still out there.

Trilopter: These calm, practical herbivores still exist in the remnants of the empire. Their physiology seems based on threes. Three legs sprout from the bottom of their peanut-shaped bodies. Three mouths ring the upper half. Above each is a tentacle, above that an eye-stalk. Each tentacle splits into three fingers. Their thick, grey skin grants AT 4, and they tend to dress in tunics. No one has ever seen a Trilopter get angry.

Wihr-Kohl: Amorphous and mysterious beings, seemingly of pure, sparkling energy. They travel faster than light on incomprehensible errands. They communicate with telepathic pictures, sometimes difficult to interpret. Little else is known of them. They are AT 20, DB 150, with 500 hits. They are immune to criticals. Attacking one is considered quit unwise.

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